Personal Injury

When you are injured in an accident that happened because someone was negligent or a part was defective, you need legal representation quickly from a Clark County Personal Injury Lawyer to preserve your rights to compensation. At the Law Office of Christopher Jones, LLC, clients throughout Nevada get the strong and aggressive legal representation needed to fight back against the parties responsible for negligent behavior that caused their injuries.

Law Office of Christopher Jones, LLC

A full range of personal injury services are offered to clients of Attorney Christopher Jones. He is known around the region for his thoughtful and caring legal representation, and personal attention to client needs. His goal is to help injured clients find justice, so they can again focus on getting their lives back to normal. His new office is located in Las Vegas, NV, where he provides legal services to people in the Clark County region.

Attorney Christopher Jones

Anyone who is injured in an accident should remember that it is important to not discuss their accident or injuries with any insurance company representatives or persons other than their lawyer. The reason for this is that those insurance representatives only want to minimize any payments their companies must make; your interest is not theirs at all. The only person who will fight to get you fair compensation and to maximize your award is your attorney. To get legal representation from a lawyer who cares about you, contact the Law Office of Christopher Jones, LLC, immediately following an accident that caused injury to you or a loved one.

Clark County Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury accidents are plentiful every day. People are harmed through no fault of their own, but they must incur the pain, suffering, emotional and financial burdens for their recovery. Occasionally an accident results in death of a loved one, which affects their entire family forever. Accidents that cause personal injury are traumatic and a serious problem, but you do have legal options to consider that will help you recover.

Typical personal injuries result from:

  • Vehicle accidents – car, truck, bus, airplane
  • Construction accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Product defects/failure
  • Slip & Fall
  • Deliberate attack
  • Workplace accidents or violence
  • Harassment
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Dog Bites
  • Dangerous drugs/pharmaceuticals

You can make personal injury claims for damages such as medical care, work loss and more, if you act quickly. If you or a loved one were harmed in an accident, discuss your case immediately with Clark County Personal Injury Lawyer Christopher Jones. Contact the Law Office of Christopher Jones, LLC, in Las Vegas, NV, today. Call us now, at (702) 505-9159.