Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Arrested? Choose the Law Office of Christopher Jones!

If you have been arrested in the Las Vegas valley and surrounding areas and are facing criminal charges, the Law Office of Christopher Jones is here for you. Whether you are facing a felony or misdemeanor offense, you are going to need experienced and aggressive representation to combat the accusations against you. You will need a skilled advocate who is going to defend your rights until you get the justice you deserve. So why the Law Office of Christopher Jones? There are many benefits to hiring a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney from this firm.

Aggressive Defense from an Experienced Defense Attorney

At the Law Office of Christopher Jones, I have the experience of being a seasoned criminal defense attorney. You can trust my proven defense strategies will give you a fighting chance to get your charges reduced or dismissed completely. No two cases are the same, so no two cases will be treated the same. The defenses used will differ drastically depending on the type of crime alleged, so please contact my firm directly to discuss your case and the strategies that might be available to you.

Aggressive Defense from a Former Prosecutor

At the Law Office of Christopher Jones, I also have the experience of being a former prosecutor. I am able to see cases from a vantage point that many defense attorneys never get to experience firsthand. I understand the arguments and tactics commonly used by prosecutors. Additionally, I have knowledge of police strategies and am familiar with the common pitfalls and mistakes that can occur when police make contact with citizens. With this information in mind, the Law Office of Christopher Jones can anticipate the arguments of the prosecution and prepare a strong defense ahead of time.

Experience Matters

The result of having experienced both sides is that I am intensely familiar with the Nevada Criminal Justice System. I have gained valuable experience that many other criminal defense lawyers do not have. When defending clients, I understand what will occur at each and every level of the criminal justice system. As a criminal defense attorney, I am a staunch advocate of those arrested for and charged with criminal offenses and use my past experiences to their benefit.  Please contact the Law Office of Christopher Jones today at (702) 505-9159 to schedule a free appointment to discuss your case.